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Do I need a hearing aid? Early signs of hearing loss

When in a conversation with friends or family, do you find yourself straining to hear the person talking so you can understand what’s being said? Are you consistently turning the volume on the television louder? Do you notice a ringing in your ears? If you said “yes” to one or all of these all too familiar situations, you are most likely showing early signs of hearing loss.

You’re not alone! You and about 48 million other Americans show signs of hearing loss. Additional warning signs include:

  • You ask people to repeat themselves often
  • You can’t hear your doorbell ring, or your name being called
  • You can’t understand speech clearly in a noisy setting – like a restaurant
Do I really need a hearing aid?

Here at Beltone, we make your hearing health journey simple and worry-free. We want you to live your best life, hearing the joyous sounds all around you. To determine if you’ll need a hearing aid(s), please schedule a FREE hearing screening with your local Beltone office. You will receive a comprehensive hearing test that will assess where you’re at with your hearing loss.

After your hearing screening, your Hearing Care Practitioner will walk you through your results. If a hearing loss has been detected, they will recommend your next course of action along with which hearing aids would be of most benefit to you.

Once you and your Hearing Care Practitioner have determined which hearing aid works for you, enjoy being a part of the Beltone family and enjoy being a part of the conversation again!

Please leave a comment below with any questions about hearing loss or Beltone hearing aids you may have.
Amy Duvall
Amy Duvall is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Beltone. She enjoys spending lots of time with her two kids and husband while she's not "helping the world hear better." She also enjoys watching classy reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Whatever City and old Dateline reruns.

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