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Earwax is more important to your hearing than you think

The human body boasts many lines of defense against pain, infection or harm.  One of those ways is our body producing earwax.  Yes, the stuff inside of our ears we clean after a shower or a couple times a week, is secreted by our glands in the outer ear canal is important in fighting infections.  Earwax keeps ears moist and prevents dust and other debris from getting into the outer ear canal and burrowing deeper into the ear.


We often clean our earwax way too much.  We are removing the protective later that helps keep our ear canals healthy and clean.

However, too much earwax can become impacted, or build up into a blockage within the ear canal.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, an impaction can happen after people try to use Q-tips or stick something in their ear to remove earwax.  Putting more things in your ears can impact production of natural ear wax.

Having too much earwax can cause a diverse range of physical symptoms, including dizziness, pain or itching, ringing in the ears, trouble hearing, or excess ear canal drainage. Due to potential complications, Gross cautioned against treating earwax-related problems at home.


Earwax and hearing aids

When people remove their hearing aids, the devices might have earwax on them. Beltone hearing aids are designed to wick away sweat and ear wax to help keep them clean.  However, there will still be times earwax can interfere with your hearing aids.


Because of the potential for earwax clogs, hearing aid cleaning should be an important part of a daily care regimen.  For those who wear hearing aids or frequently use earplugs — or anyone who does experience excess wax build-up — you can come to a Beltone location nearest you and we can help clean your hearing aid.

Avoid using Q-tips or ear candling to remove earwax. This can be dangerous and you can push earwax deeper in your ear canal which can develop problems.  Visit our previous blog where we go over the safe ways to clean ear wax from your ears.


Nick Eugenis
Nick Eugenis is the Digital Content Specialist at Beltone. Nick supports the digital marketing efforts of Beltone along with providing assistance to various Beltone locations throughout North America. He spends his free time with his wife, daughter, son and Shiba Inu named “Hachi”.

6 Replies

  • Hugh

    Does Beltone offer payment plans and if not do u plan to do so in the near future?

  • Peggy James

    Can Beltone hearing aids be upgraded or would replacement be required?

    • Amy Duvall

      Hi Peggy,

      Our offices do run upgrade offers during various times of the year. Do you have the number to your local Beltone office?


  • Teresa Wagner

    A friend gave me his old hearing aids (2015 or 2016). I have profound hearing loss. Could you tell me if this type would work for me? Beltone A/S. #19397205. Also says on the box: Serial #1656029490. Lautrupbjerg7.DK2750. HILND1763-DRW.BGE. If they will work I will have them programmed for me.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Amy Duvall


      Please call your local Beltone office to schedule an appointment. The Hearing Care Practitioner will be able to determine if those hearing aids will work for your level of loss. You can also call us at 1800-BELTONE to find your nearest Beltone office.

      Thank you.

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