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Hearing Aids: Common Issues and Solutions

Technology has made it so we don’t have to accept hearing loss; we can do something about it. Still, wearing a hearing aid can be an adjustment, and most users have similar complaints. Here are the most common ones and what you can do about them.

Your Ears Feel Itchy and Uncomfortable

The skin in your ear canal is pretty sensitive and can react to even a minor irritation, like a hearing aid. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, but there are ways to alleviate the problem:

Make sure they fit.

If your hearing aid is too loose, it may move around and rub more on that delicate skin causing inflammation. There may be gaps that collect moisture that leads to itchy skin. Luckily, it’s easy to correct the problem. Visit your local Beltone location, and have them take a look and make the necessary adjustments.

Don’t over-clean your ears.

Your body produces natural oils that protect it against potential irritants (like hearing aids). Cleaning your ears too often will strip them of this protectant, leaving you exposed to irritation. What can be done? Simply, don’t clean your ears every day. If you suspect your skin is too dry, use an oil, like vitamin E, olive oil, or some shea butter to moisturize the area inside your ear.

Build up to full-time wearing.

Sometimes it is just a matter of getting used to your new hearing aid. If you have ruled out poor fit and skin irritation, work with your audiologist to create a schedule that allows you to wear your hearing aid for a certain amount of time each day, increasing it over the course of a few weeks.

Your Voice Sounds Strange or Too Loud

This is a common issue, especially for first-timers. This feeling, which is similar to plugged ears from a plane ride, is called the occlusion effect. When you wear a hearing aid, your ears are plugged with the tip of the device causing the illusion of loudness or like you are talking into a can. This is absolutely something that you will get used to over time. Most people adjust within a month or less.

Other Noises Sound Different

For some, background noises seem too loud. Others complain that higher-pitched noises sound extra sharp or “tinny.” Think about it this way: Your mind has adapted to your diminished hearing probably over several years. Similarly, you have to adjust to your new hearing abilities. The good thing is that your body will likely adjust within a few weeks.

That said, Beltone hearing aids are digital. The sound can be easily manipulated as it enters your ears to reduce background noise, eliminate feedback, or even stream music or phone calls directly into your ears.

Interested in learning more about Beltone hearing aids? Book a FREE hearing test, and speak with a trained audiologist at a Beltone locations near you.


Maribeth Neelis
Maribeth Neelis is the Digital Marketing Manager at Beltone. Based in Colorado, she spends her free time in the mountains skiing and hiking with her husband and daughter.

4 Replies

  • Sandra Hyman

    Can an older hearing aid belonging to someone else be “restyled” to fit my hearing needs

    • Amy Duvall

      Hi Sandra,

      Sorry for the long delay in response. Yes, in certain cases this is possible. However, please schedule an appointment with us and bring in your old aids to see if this solution will work for you.

      Thank you.

  • Phil

    I have a very expensive set of hearing aids from Beltone. They are the third set I have owned so I’m not a stranger to hearing aids. These squeal at sounds on the TV, my grandfather clock, wind chimes, and many other things. They squeal when I work around the house, or on my car. It is extremely annoying and the Beltone representative won’t do anything about it. He changes the subject and sends me on my way. They are a local company and that’s why I went to them. I will travel to a larger city in the future.

    • Amy Duvall

      Hi Phil,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Which office do you go to? We would like to help you remedy this issue.

      Thank you.

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