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Beltone Featured Customer: Newton Beck

In our first installment of our Featured Customer Series, we begin with Mr. Newton Beck from Morganton, North Carolina. Mr. Beck is a regular patient at our Morganton, North Carolina office.

What is your name and which Beltone office did you receive your hearing aids? 

Newton Beck
Morganton, North Carolina Beltone Office

Which Beltone hearing aid model are you wearing?

Promise 17-63 DW

How long have you been wearing Beltones?

3 years

How long have you been wearing hearing aids in general?

3 years

What sound/noise did you miss the most before you started wearing hearing aids?

I missed hearing my wife. I would miss half of our conversations across the dinner table. She’s very soft spoken.

What sound/noise were you surprised to hear when you received your Beltones?

I was surprised to hear music and my wife. Also, when things went “wrong” inside the house.

Why do you love your Beltones?

They’re the most comfortable on the market. The service is fantastic. I won’t go anywhere else!

If you could say anything to someone who needs hearing aids but doesn’t want to wear them, what would it be?

I would convince them to try them. Go see the difference. And, the service. When you are fit right and you give them a chance, wear them for 6 months, you’ll believe. You believe when you see the technology, especially the improvements made to hearing aids.

Thank you, Mr. Beck! We hope you’re enjoying hearing better again. If you would like to schedule a FREE hearing screening or if you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-Beltone.

Amy Duvall
Amy Duvall is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Beltone. She enjoys spending lots of time with her two kids and husband while she's not "helping the world hear better." She also enjoys watching classy reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Whatever City and old Dateline reruns.

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