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Hearing Aid Batteries: The Top 3 Things You Need to Know

After you have received your brand new hearing aids, you may still be getting used to the new adjustment in your life and figuring out what settings work best for your lifestyle. While you’re settling into your new routine, it’s important not to forget that one tiny accessory. Your hearing aid batteries!

Below, find 3 important things you need to know about hearing aid batteries for your hearing aids:

  1. Hearing aid batteries are zinc-air batteries and mercury free. Therefore, to get the best performance from a zinc-air battery, the factory-sealed sticker should be peeled off the back and the hearing aid battery should be left open to the air for at least one minute to fully activate before placing it in the hearing aid. Once the factory-sealed sticker has been removed, the battery is “activated” and is continuously running.
  2. Hearing aid batteries can generally last anywhere from 5-7 days. Of course, this is all dependent on a 16 hour per day use cycle, the size of the battery and power needed by the hearing aid.
  3. There are five sizes of hearing aid batteries with packaging color coded so you can easily remember what “color” battery your hearing aid requires. Size 5 is red, size 10 is yellow, size 13 is orange, size 312 is brown (also the most popular size) and size 675 is blue.

Call or visit your local Beltone office to replenish your hearing aid battery stock before you run out! Call 1-800-Beltone to find out where your local Beltone office is located.

Amy Duvall
Amy Duvall is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Beltone. She enjoys spending lots of time with her two kids and husband while she's not "helping the world hear better." She also enjoys watching classy reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Whatever City and old Dateline reruns.

2 Replies

  • Lois Lobbs

    My hearing aid batteries last only 2 days. Yes,I do disengage them when not in use. I was told they should last 7 days. Something is amiss. I would go broke buying batteries.

    • Amy Duvall

      Hi Lois,

      Thank you for reaching out. Have you spoken to your Hearing Care Practitioner at your local Beltone office about the issues you’re having with your battery use? They should be able to help pin point the issues you are experiencing.

      Thank you.

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