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What Does the Month of May Mean to More than 11% of Americans?

May is Better Hearing Month, and more than 34 million Americans, (most over 65), have hearing deficiencies. Back in 1980, President Ronald Reagan, who struggled with hearing loss himself, designated May as the country’s official month to heighten awareness about hearing health.

During May, the hearing care industry makes a special effort to educate the public about hearing loss. Helen Keller once said that of all her sensory deprivations, she most missed her ability to hear. She noted that while blindness kept her separate from things, hearing loss separated her from people and human connections.

Safeguard your hearing. May is the perfect time to get a hearing check.
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John Cariola, Au.D.
John has been working in the audiology industry since 1983 and has a true love and passion for everything the hearing health world has to offer. He grew up witnessing the British Invasion of The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, etc. which really means he started out life with sound, really loud sound. And his passion for all sound continues today. John is currently Beltone's Director of Product Management. More About John

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