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Test Your Blood Pressure IQ: What Do You Really Know about Hypertension?

Does stress cause high blood pressure? Is cutting down on salt the best way to reduce high blood pressure? Should you avoid exercise if your blood pressure is high? High blood pressure — also known as hypertension — has been one of the biggest health concerns for Americans for decades, yet far too many people lack essential knowledge about their blood pressure, and they have dangerous misconceptions. In this post, we’ll test your blood pressure IQ.

Take these two five minute tests: click here for the American Heart Association quiz, and here for a quiz from WebMd. You’ll not only find out what you know about blood pressure, you’ll also learn some potentially life-saving tips.

Ken LaFerle, Au.D.
Ken is Beltone's Director of Educational Services and has been "bleeding Beltone Blue" for the last 26 years. He has been working in the hearing industry for the last 31 years and thoroughly enjoys the hearing care field and is looking forward to sharing his thoughts and experiences on the blog. More about Ken

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