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Beltone Legends Winner: Marilynn Moe

As part of our ongoing “Beltone Legends”  campaign, we would like to present our next winner, Marilynn Moe.

A “Beltone Legend” can be someone who experiences new sounds and activities thanks to Beltone hearing aids, but can more broadly include people with Beltone hearing aids who conduct themselves as “Legends” through community service, personal achievements, etc.

We want to show how the people who wear Beltone hearing aids live as “Legends” every day!

Marilynn Moe has been a patient in Scott and Sarah Larson’s Rochester, MN office for almost 5 years.

On one of her last visits to the office, she shared details of the Spirit of Aging Award that she recently won with office staff, Brian Wells (HCP) and Tanya Gottlieb (PCC).

Marilynn along with her husband Darrel, have lived at the Homestead at Rochester for 4 years.  As Brian and Tanya can attest, Marilynn is one of those individuals you rarely meet in life.  She never draws attention to herself and is always looking to make you feel good about yourself and life in general.  Her optimistic view of life is contagious.  Despite a near fatal stroke in April 2012, Marilynn has fully recovered and continues to do things she did prior to that date.

Marilynn is very active in her retirement home.  Here are a few of the things she is involved in;

  • Plays piano and organ for the resident parties and events.
  • Committed member of Ambassadors Club that greets/meets new residents.
  • Bakes goodies and delivers them to staff members for special occasions.
  • Has been an active participant in the Alzheimer’s Walk for many years along with other residents, family and staff members.

After hearing about all the things Marilynn does as well as her recent award, Brian and Tanya felt she deserved another award – The Beltone “Legends” Award.  They wrote, “we would like to nominate Marilynn Moe as an exceptional example of being an incredible role model, active leader, senior citizen and wonderful human being as well.  All of us can only hope that we grow older as gracefully and we can follow her lead in our own communities.  She is legendary in her own right!”  They are so right!

Check out the YouTube clip on her Spirt of Aging Award:


Congratulations, Marilynn! We thank you for your wonderful service to the community and for being a Beltone Legend.

Brittany Kovalcik
Brittany Kovalcik is the digital marketing manager at Beltone. She loves all things digital marketing, her family and friends, her dog, Gracie, and - of course - helping people learn how Beltone hearing aids can help change their lives.

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