10 Musicians You Probably Didn’t Know Are Hearing Impaired

Rock Guitar Musician

The 57th Grammy Awards were on February 8, 2015! To celebrate the success of those with hearing impairment, we’ve come up with a list of well-known and award-winning musicians who suffer from hearing impairment. The most common hearing affliction suffered by musicians is tinnitus. To learn more about this painful condition and how to find relief…

23 Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

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The first signs of hearing loss aren’t always obvious. Because hearing loss is usually a gradual process, you may become accustomed to compensating for the loss and not realize how far it has progressed. Even your physician is unlikely to detect changes in your hearing—according to the Better Hearing Institute, only 13% of physicians routinely screen for…

Beltone HearPlus™ App Now Available For Android®

Woman using HearPlus App

We are thrilled to announce that Android Galaxy S5 users now have access to the same discreet and customized hearing experience as iOS users with the new Beltone HearPlus Android app! The app allows users to easily and discreetly customize their hearing experience to…

The Most Common Types of Occupational Hearing Loss and How to Avoid Them

Work Hearing Protection

In an uncertain jobs market, having a steady gig is a cause for gratitude, but some jobs include inherent risks to your hearing. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), occupational hearing loss is the most common workplace health risk in the U.S., with approximately 22 million workers affected…

How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Hearing Loss

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Article by: Steve Brinkman Director of Customer Care Beltone USA About Steve Brinkman Like many of the physical changes that come with advancing age, hearing loss is gradual and often hard to pinpoint. Friends and family members might even suspect that you are suffering from hearing loss before you see any sign of the problem […]


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