How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing Aid Exploded

With modern technology making hearing aids tinier and more discreet every day, you may be one of many wondering, “how do hearing aids actually work?”
Various takes on hearing devices have been around for centuries. Over the years, science and engineering have fine-tuned hearing aids so that today, they address the vast majority hearing losses. Nowadays, the saying “great things come in small packages” is so true…

Tinnitus: Ringing in the ears and how to find relief

Tinnitus Woman

You’re not crazy, that constant sound in your ears could be a real medical condition called tinnitus. And, you’re not the only one looking for relief. If you hear constant ringing, whistling, hissing, or other sounds that never seem to go away, you could be suffering from a hearing condition called tinnitus. The American Tinnitus Association estimates that…

New Hearing Aid Technology Makes for “Easy Listening”

Holding Beltone First Hearing Aid

Digital technology has impacted so much of our lives these days; it’s not surprising that digital advancements have revolutionized hearing aid quality as well. Today’s hearing aid options are smaller, more versatile and more effective than ever before, allowing for automatic sound level adjustments that change according to one’s surroundings, the ability…

A Quick Guide to HearPlus™

HearPlus app

The latest award-winning hearing aids from Beltone wirelessly stream sound from an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®—without the need for an extra device. Hear music, movies, Siri®, GPS directions, phone calls, (just to name a few), in both ears. And, wearers can discreetly control their Beltone First hearing aids with any of the Apple® devices…

Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose

Beltone Hearing Aid

For consumers navigating hearing aid prices for the first time, the shopping options can be many. One of your first priorities, understandably, is finding the best price, but a host of other factors help you find the optimal solution to address your hearing needs, in conjunction with your lifestyle…

Hearing Protection: The 10 Rules to Live By

Ear Protection

Most hearing loss is irreversible. Knowing the right steps can help you prevent or minimize hearing loss. We are at the forefront of innovation in hearing aid technology. But it’s disheartening to see the increase in preventable hearing damage. We would love to see people become better educated about the risks, and take charge of…


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