A Quick Guide to HearPlus™

HearPlus app

The latest award-winning hearing aids from Beltone wirelessly stream sound from an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®—without the need for an extra device. Hear music, movies, Siri®, GPS directions, phone calls, (just to name a few), in both ears. And, wearers can discreetly control their Beltone First hearing aids with any of the Apple® devices…

Hearing Aid Prices Vs. Quality: How To Choose

Beltone Hearing Aid

For consumers navigating hearing aid prices for the first time, the shopping options can be many. One of your first priorities, understandably, is finding the best price, but a host of other factors help you find the optimal solution to address your hearing needs, in conjunction with your lifestyle…

Hearing Protection: The 10 Rules to Live By

Ear Protection

Most hearing loss is irreversible. Knowing the right steps can help you prevent or minimize hearing loss. We are at the forefront of innovation in hearing aid technology. But it’s disheartening to see the increase in preventable hearing damage. We would love to see people become better educated about the risks, and take charge of…

Beltone First™ Hearing Aids—the Next Generation of Hearing Technology

Hearing Loss Infographic

By 2025, an estimated 900 million people worldwide will suffer from hearing loss. That’s almost 3 times the current population of the United States! That’s why we’ve been working to bring you the best new technology to address the current and future needs of people who need to hear better…

Hearing Loss: Why Does Hearing Deteriorate As We Get Older?

Ear Anatomy

Aging certainly has some positive side effects – wisdom gained from life experience, rich relationships with family and often financial security. But unfortunately, growing older can also lead to the deterioration of certain physical systems like hearing. No one likes to experience hearing loss, but part of grasping the change and seeking effective help…

How To Change Your Hearing Aid Battery

Beltone Hearing Aid

In this high-tech, high entertainment world we live in, batteries are essential — powering everything from our transportation to our communication. Seems that we can’t live without batteries! But despite all the everyday necessities and the latest electronic toys that batteries bring to life, some of the most important batteries in your life may be those that power…


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